Commercial Works

Microsoft Action Pack Subscription for ISVs

I had the pleasure of storyboarding and animating 100% of this project. I had so much fun with the use of light, colors, and really took my animation to a new level with this piece.

Adobe Pr / AE / Ai / Au


"I’m completely AMAZED that we met this deadline, and have a product that looks this good."

Jennifer O'Brien - Owner/Producer, Pyramide Productions, Inc.

Windows Defender Application Guard for Microsoft Edge

This is a little thing I worked on as editor/animator. I'm entirely responsible for the sequence in the second half. The end section was very fun to animate. They had no visuals to illustrate this concept of a small virtual-machine-powered-Edge window that ran within Windows 10 that prevents malware from touching any part of the kernel CPU. So I drafted up some malware monsters in an isometric cube to illustrate this technical concept in a creative and fun way. I didn't anticipate it would be external-facing, so I'm excited to share. 😊

This is for a new Microsoft Edge feature called Windows Defender Application Guard.

Adobe Pr / AE / Ai

Caboo Paper (Introduction)

From the creative mind of David Cole, this was a very fun production that I had the privilege to animate, write original music, and perform voice over for. Brandon Spearman brought all of the graphics to life. Fun production with a fun team. Very happy with the results.

Adobe Pr / AE / Ai / Au + Propellerhead Reason (Music)

*Update: this piece was featured on a national French program in Canada (link). The segment begins at the 34:20 mark.

Caboo Paper (Ad)

I was approached again by Caboo Paper Co. for a short advertisement for Facebook. The challenge was to summarize and highlight Caboo Paper Products under twenty seconds. It moves quickly, but we landed with a pretty snappy and effective advertisement. Produced, written, storyboarded, illustrated, animated, composed, edited, and mixed by yours truly.

Adobe AE / Ai / Au + Propellerhead Reason (Music)

Microsoft Partner Network Demo Series

I storyboarded, and co-animated this series with the help of the very talented animator, Blaine Morehead. This series is all about the Microsoft Partner Network, and how to use the backend of their system to help promote, develop, and publish your idea(s).

Adobe Pr / AE + Trapcode + Video Copilot / Ai / Ps

Older Creative Work

Why Lab51 Media?

This was a video I created end-to-end from script-writing, storyboarding the overall concept, to creating all the graphic, animation, music, and voice over. The project took approximately 50 hours to create.

Adobe AE / Ai / Au + Propellerhead Reason (Music)

  • 2013 Bronze Telly Winner: Internet/Online Commercial

  • W3 Silver Award Winner: Marketing Effectiveness in Professional Services

  • 2012 Summit Emerging Media Award Winner: Online Marketing / Advertising

  • Accolade Winner Award of Merit

Craven Technologies: Touchscreen Rentals

I worked closely with KC Craven with his startup business for firefighters. Too many meetings where not everyone can receive everything being explained due to the inability to see or hear coherently from the presenter. Craven Technologies needed a video explaining what their services are, and why they're important to the firefighting industry. Written, storyboarded, illustrated, animated, recorded, edited, composed, and mixed by yours truly.

Adobe AE / Ai / Au + Propellerhead Reason (Music)

Puppy Manners, Inc.

Meet my dog, Nimbus in my latest commercial work for Puppy Manners, Inc. I am responsible for the script, storyboard and concept, the graphics and animation, the voice over and the music. Read more about it on my blog!

Adobe Pr / AE / Au / Ps + SketchClub + Propellerhead Reason (Music)

Generations: The Children of Alzheimer’s

A view of Alzheimer's through the eyes of children caregivers. I am responsible for all of the animation throughout the video.

Adobe AE / Ai


TPI - Summer Night Lights Typography Promo

This was for a promotional ad for The Pacific Institute to summarize why TPI is a great resource to help reduce teen gang violence. I designed, composed the music, and animated it.

Adobe AE + Propellerhead Reason (Music)