"Bishop's vocals see a big improvement here, with more control over his cleans, heavier screams and a higher range in general. His ability to balance the two vocal styles seems perfected this time around, he sounds comfortable and confident in what he is singing which makes the album that much more enjoyable."

Gordon Dustin - Sputnik Music

"Kyle has an amazing and diverse voice from Randy Blythe-esque fry screams, and cleans akin to Spencer Sotelo to Brendon Urie of Panic at the Disco, to 80's hair/glam to post hardcore bands like Chiodos. I mean he has a staggering tonal and technical range."

Cody Dilullo - Heavy Blog Is Heavy 

“The intro fades, leading into “Ice On Fire”, where you first hear the screams from vocalist Kyle Bishop. His screams lead into the chorus, and you now hear his incredibly unique clean vocals. After one line of the singing, I was hooked.”

Jarrett Stein - Me Gusta Reviews